summer nights hunt.png

Hunt Locations

London Girl - Aubrey filled the fountain with flowers again (0L)

Torment - Oh. is this really a blood potion? (0L)

                 It's a little dark here. (0-15L)

Petite Mort - Relaxing in the shade (0L)

OublietteUnder the pretty peonies (0L)

StunnerOriginals - Life is sweet! (0L)

Zen Child Designs - Hit the books, darling (0L)

VORTEX - Everyone loves a great "GIFT", however yours may have been set adrift. (0L)

gSpot Store - You are safe in my hands (0L)

GO Makeup - How about a good rest after shopping? (0L)

R3HAB - It likes to cuddle with the fur babies (0L)

              Closest to the branches and roses (0-15L)

NinaX - Weekend Loading . . .(0L)

             Bloody Mary! (0-15L)
             It has its own thought bubbles too! (0-15L)
             Christmas Decorating in July. (0-15L)
             Hot girl summer needs a SWIMSUIT! (0-15L)
             Look We're Engaged! (0-15L)
             Drink Your Juice said the Tree. (0-15L)
             The tree said he wanted some sweets, so it's waiting at the Sugar Shop.                      (0-15L)

Blue Blood - Accessorizing while looking at what a beautiful day it is (0L)

neonCOYOTE - Woke up this morning and started SCREAMING (0L)

RBento - Royalty (0L)

Zibska - Bird is the word. (0L) 

              You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish (0-15L)

Magnetic - She's a star! (0L)

                 That darn cat has it, but don't worry he doesn't bite. (0-15L)

Black Swan - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? (0L)

Splash Beach Couture - I hide among the birds and flowers; in a shade not meant for                                         showers. (0L)

UKNOW - I have one eye see near and far and hold the moments you treasure (0L)

                I have keys but no locks. I have a space but no room. You can enter, but                       can't go outside. What am I? (0-15L)

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - The Lesa you can do is stay awake! (0L)

MadCatCreations Boutique - An illusion (0L)

                                              Xrays (0-15L)

Rekt Royalty - This was scheduled for a Friday right? (0L)

crate - Plays music (0L)

DM - I think I saw a kitten (0L)

Believe - Look behind the furniture, on top of the benches, or on the corners of walls, at the reception, second room and garden (0L)

La perla - YES, we have group gifts (0L)

Burlawn - In plain sight (0L & 0-15L)